Hot Air Generators

Available in Direct/Indirect type with various fuel options

Electric Steam Boiler

Compact, Efficient and Fully Automatic

Industrial Gas Burner

Monobloc, Fully Automatic and Efficient

Furnace Gas Burner

Robust Design with wide Air-Fuel Ratio and High Temperature Output

Industrial Oil Burner

Compact and Reliable Design - Works with Light and Heavy Fuel Oil

Industrial Dual Fuel Burner

Oil cum Gas Burner with Autoswitch and High Efficiency


For more than two decades, Hi-Therm has been serving the process heating industry and is continuously improving by delivering its best to every project it undertakes. Today, with more than 2000 successful installations across India and other countries, It has plentiful experience in designing and manufacturing all kinds of process heating equipment ranging from Boilers, Burners, Heating – Drying Systems, Blowers, Heaters and other systems.

Hi-Therm designs process heating solutions for all kinds of purposes. Each requirement is carefully studied to arrive at the appropriate design suitable for your heating needs. Using its extensive knowledge and experience in this industry, Hi-Therm makes sure that the design serves the purpose completely and efficiently. It values the advancements in technologies and so Hi-therm tries to use automation in its products as much as possible for better and accurate functionality as well as ease of usage. The designed product is manufactured with high attention to detail to achieve accuracy and  best quality by experienced fabricators and use of high quality raw materials.

Founded with a vision to be the leader in design and manufacture of process heating equipment, Hi-Therm always strives to deliver high quality products to its  customers. Customer satisfaction is what drives it to outdo its performance to deliver the best, this has always helped it develop long term relations with its stakeholders. Hi-Therm aspires to be the most trusted and preferred domestic manufacturer of all kinds of process heating equipment.