FIRE EYE Gas Burner Sequence Controller

Fire-Eye Gas Burner Sequence Controller is designed for automatic startup of gas burners and flame monitoring in Gas fired furnaces and Ovens, Boilers, Flame screens, Flare gas chimneys, Gas fired kitchen equipments etc using flame electrodes for sensing the gas flame based on flame conduction principle. Fire-Eye provides a high voltage to the flame electrode which is immersed in the flame. The current generated by the electrons flow through from flame to ground is detected for the pressure of flame. In case of flame failure during operation, the ignition is switched ON to ignite gas to confirm gas flow.

FLAME EYE Oil Burner Sequence Controller

Flame-Eye Sequence Controlleris a fully electronic system which enables automatic and safe operation of oil burners. It is a preprogrammed Sequence Controller for the blower, ignition, solenoid valve to ignite the flame along with flame supervision through a photocell. Flame-Eye is must with automatic steam boilers, thermopacks,ovens, dryers, hot air generators, oil burners etc. The Photocell is an L D R encapsulated in as aluminium housing to give a long life trouble free working.

UV Controller

A flame sensor / supervisor suitable for detection of flame in Oil / Gas / Coal fired burners. Highly sensitive only to UV light emitted by flame and not to any refractory glow or day light.
UV controller tube consists of two electrodes sealed in a gas filled quartz envelope. When a voltage is applied across the electrodes and the tube is exposed to UV source like flame, the cathode emits electrons which ionizes the gas in the tube. When the filled gas is ionized the tube becomes conductive and current flows throgh the tube. This says-FLAME ON condition.

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