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Furnace fire gas burner are used on almost any kind of industrial furnace, ovens, air heaters, klins, etc. Furnace fire gas burner is a nozzle mix burner which provides medium velocity flames with wide air/fuel ratio and turndown flexibility. Furnace fire gas burner is made of cast iron bodies with gas connection to give steady and reliable proven performance. Furnace fire gas burner air tube are of Stainless steel material, for higher temperature application, it is Inconel. Furnace fire gas burner have an observation port in the back of gas connection and a provision for pilot and flame detector.

Furnace fire gas burner are also operated fully automatically with auto ignition system and FIRE-EYE sequence controller with Ionisation Rod/UV Cell as the flame supervisor.

Furnace fire gas burner also works as a High/Low/On/Off or PID controlled with the incorporation of flame controller.

Hi-Therm Boilers being one of Furnace Gas Burners Manufacturers has been serving this industry for more than two decades.

Furnace Fire Gas Burners Widely Used On All types of Furnaces


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The Limiting Orifice Valve is used to set air/gas ratio on a nozzle-mix Furnace fire gas burner. It has a V-port plug that can be adjusted sensitively and accurately simply with a screw driver. Turning the screw counter clockwise increases flow. A cap conceals the adjustment and discourages tampering with the setting. If an adjustment is needed, replace top cap on valve body to reduce air or gas leaks. The V-port adjustment is in a removable gas cartridge assembly, simplifying inspection or replacement. Depending on the type of gas the internal metal is selected. Limiting Orifice Valves provide “fine tuning” for air/gas ratio adjustment.

Limiting Orifice Valves are not designed for shutting off gas. Use an approved plug valve or cock .

Install Limiting orifice valve as close as possible to Furnace fire gas burner. Select correct size of valve to suit the capacity of the Gas flow required.
For various gas capacities, the Limiting Orifice Valves are designed from ½” to 3″ Size and are in BSP Female thread connection.

A Simple Gas Train is explained as under.

Main Shut Off Ball Valve – Gas Filter – Pressure gauge – Second Stage Pressure Regulator – Pressure Gauge – Solenoid Valve – Limiting Orifice Valve – Burner.

Safeties like Gas Pressure Switch, Slam Shut off Valve, Leak Test Detector etc can also be incorporated depending upon the installation, budget etc



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Fully Automatic Pilot Gas Burner