Manufacturers Of Heating Pumping Units


PUMPING UNIT provides filtered and at preset pressure the light fuel oil like LDO, HSD etc to the furnaces, kilns, ovens, dryers, boilers etc. Presized and completely assembled on a skid, PUMPING UNITS are ready for connection to on-site fuel supply and electrical power. Depending upon process application, simplex and duplex units are available. It comprises of motorized fuel pumps, filters, pressure regulators, valves, gauges etc to form a ring main systems..


HEATING PUMPING UNIT is designed to supply heavy fuel oil like furnace oil, LSHS etc to the burner at a predetermined constant temperature and pressure required for efficient combustion. The principal components are immersion type electric heater, motorized rotary gear oil pump, oil filters, pressure regulators, etc duly interpiped for the operation. All the components are neatly placed on a common base tray making it compact and co-ordinated space saving design. Available in simplex and duplex models from 1 kw to 60 kw heating capacity.

Manufacturer of heating pumping unitsheating pumping unit