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Induced Draft Blowers are high volumetric but low pressure generally used to handle hot gases or hot air. Below 80 deg cent, the blowers may be direct driven type, but above this they are either belt driven or driven through flexible couplings. Induced Draft Blower can be supplied in M S and S S construction. Mild steel is suitable for working up to 300 deg cent, whereas with SS construction, Induced Draft Blower can be used up to 600 deg cent with V-belt or flexible drive, and with water cooled bearings they can work satisfactorily at as high as 1000 deg cent.The impellers are in welded construction and they are statically and dynamically balanced. Drain out plugs and cleaning doors can be incorporated whenever required.

induced draft blowers manufacturer


An Axial Fan uses a propeller to draw the air into it and discharges it in the same axial direction.

Axial fan are typically used for exhausting dirty air or fumes from processes (such as paint spray booths), supplying fresh air, and general spot cooling of people, rooms or machinery. Axial fan are typically designed to handle large volumes of air at low pressure (SP) and are generally available in both direct driven models with the propeller mounted on the motor shaft, and belt driven models.

The materials used in the construction of industrial axial fan are typically mild steel. However, certain applications may require aluminum propellers or all aluminum for spark resistance, and stainless steel or coatings for chemical resistance. Certain applications may also require that the axial fan be belt driven with the motor outside the air stream and not subject to air stream conditions such as high temperatures, excessive dirt or caustic contaminants.