non IBR steam hot water boilers manufacturer

Non IBR Steam Hot Water Boilers are Instant Steaming Fully Automatic Coil Type Boilers and consists of Double Helical Coil creating various flue passes to maximize heat transfer and increase efficiency. The Feed Water is pumped in the helical coil & the Burner is fired vertically downward in the chamber made from the Coil. After complete Combustion, the gases pass through suitably designed passage in between two coils & then through third pass of coil & inner shell. Heat is recovered by Air passing through inner & outer shells, thus providing preheated air for combustion improving efficiency. Aluminium radiator placed between the shells eliminates the heat loss to atmosphere, thus eliminating the external insulation.An econmomiser – feed water heating through flue gases is also a part of supply to enhance the thermal efficiency.
Non IBR Steam Hot Water Boilers has proven HIT Series Fully Automatic Pressure jet burners / Gas burners with the control panel. Boilers are mounted on skid platform, prewired and assembled, ready to install. The unit shall be commissioned, immediately after Fuel line & Power supply is connected to the system.

Non IBR Steam Hot Water Boilers can be offered with various type of fuels like Furnace oil/ LDO / HSD / LPG Gas /
Natural gas / Biogas / Dual Fuel – Oil cum Gas.

Boiler Models available in the steam generating capacity of 100- 800 kg/hr.

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