Oil / Gas Fired Thermic Fluid Heater Hitherm

Hi-Therm’s Oil / Gas Fired Thermic fluid Heater is of Horizontal type Construction, with twin concentric helical coils placed inside sturdy M.S. Shell having three distinct passes of hot gases resulting in highest thermal efficiency. The special, Anti Drip design, high efficiency burner with low noise blower and fuel oil pump ensure almost smokeless and silent operation and reduces the downtime and maintenance problems greatly. Due to its unique design and efficient mixing of air & fuel, the combustion efficiency is high, which results in a highly efficient Thermic Fluid Heater. The connected load is also much lower compared to any indigenous burner, resulting in sizable power savings. The generously designed inner combustion chamber ensures large furnace volume and hence less heat load per unit volume, thereby increasing the life of the coil. The Safety controls and instrumentation provided ensures a completely safe operation which comes along with a Audio Visual Alarm which cuts off the combustion in case of abnormal operating Conditions.

For Solid Fuel Fired Thermic Fluid Heaters, a generously designed refractory lined external furnace is provided to ensure high furnace volume and grate area and can ensure rated output on low-grade coal which easily burns most other fuels such as Lignite, Paddy husk, Fire wood, Bagasse, etc, without any modifications.

Salient Features of Thermic Fluid Heaters:

  1. Three Pass design, Economizer not required
  2. Fully Automatic Unit, Packaged design
  3. Multiple passed (Multi Start Coil), thereby making more head available for the process
  4. High Operating efficiency
  5. Can obtain temperature up to 340 Degree Centigrade with low operating pressures
  6. Low system lag and rapid warm up response
  7. High Thermic fluid volume in coil ensures adequate thermal storage and low heat flux
  8. Higher heat transfer area provided in the coil ensure low thermal stresses on the tube surface and result in longer life of the coil as well as the thermic oil
  9. Coil made out of B.S, 3059, Part I, 9 Gauge, Boiler Tubes for longer life and high temperature operations
  10. Vertical design requires very low floor space
  11. Large combustion volume. Low heat release rate per unit furnace volume.
  12. Easy access for inspection and cleaning.
  13. Specifically designed expansion and balancing tanks avoids overheating of thermic oil and released excess pressure vapours, ensuring longer life of the thermic fluid
  14. Outside the purview of I.B.R.
  15. Completely safe operations, with a number of safety features and instrumentation provided.