Oil Preheaters/ Outflow Heaters/ Oil Filters

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OIL PREHEATER are used to preheat the fuel oil to the required firing temperature about 100 degree C for furnace oil having Redwood viscosity 1500 scs at 100 degree F. In some cases they are used as “booster heater” to bring the temperature of oil to firing level which was earlier cooled down due to pipeline losses. OIL PREHEATER heater may consist of one or more tubular type immersion heating elements or renewable cartridge type heating elements. The former is suitable for either horizontal or vertical mounting , but the latter is meant for horizontal mounting only. Inlet to the heater may be from bottom , side or top but however outlet connection to the heater should be from top only.


Tank OUTFLOW HEATER are used to reduce the viscosity of the furnace oil and thereby enabling an easy flow through pipelines and exerting less load on transfer pumps. OUTFLOW HEATER consist of one or more renewable cartridge type heating elements , thermostat , indicating bulb, dail thermometer , airbreak contactor and matching flage

In OUTFLOW HEATER, only that quantity of oil is heated upto about 50 degree C, Which is flowing out of the tank.


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OIL FILTER is a basket type filter with various mesh sizes suiting various operations. OIL FILTER provides fine filtering to the furnace oil thereby avoid choking of oil nozzles reducing the firing rate and thus a dirtfree oil is supplied to the burner for better atomization and combustion.Two basket filter is combined to give duty cum stand by operation. A Changeover valve  is provided on the filter to select the basket to filter the oil.

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