industrial gas torchAir-In Torch Gas Burner are simple and strong torch type burners employing forced air through air compressor or forced draft blower along with low gas pressure. The Air-In Torch Gas Burner head has a cast iron construction and comes along with air injector assembly, gas intake nozzle rod and air/gas control valves. The strong center blue luminous and high intensity flame makes it a versatile for various applications. Be it a gold melting application or a aluminium billet heating furnace or tank heating it has proved the performance. The gas consumption is very low and ranges from 0.5 kg to 2 kg/hr.

These are Torch type Burners used in industries hence also known as Industrial Gas Torch.

Photograph shown above displays the Air-In Torch Gas Burner working on forced air wherein a flame length of approx 1.5-2 ft is achieved.
air-in torch gas burner