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Hi-Therm manufactured Electric Steam Boiler :

Our electric steam boiler series employs electricity as the heating media. It comprises of an insulated boiler vessel, SS heating elements, water level controller, steam controller, feed pumps/solenoid, steam valves, safety valves, drain valves and  electrical accessories. All these equipments are housed in an elegant enclosure along with an operating panel.

Various components of Electric Steam Boiler :

Features of Hi-Therm’s Electric Steam Boiler :

  • Fully automatic operation
  • No smoke, exhaust, fire, burner and dirt formation.
  • Strong and rugged construction – SS pressure vessel, hydraulically test for twice the operating steam pressure
  • Steam vessel fully insulated to minimize heat loss
  • Long life  heating elements – Industrial grade, heavy duty SS quality heating elements
  • Low water cut-off heating, automatic control of water in vessel through level sensors
  • Steam pressure controlled through pressure and temperature controllers
  • Elegant looking, powder coated enclosure with trolley wheels, makes it handy and attractive – Can be kept close to working units
  • Compact size – Can be installed on the floor, mezzanine, terrace and smaller units can be hooked up
  • Inbuilt control panel – Contactors, terminations, instruments for energizing heating element and water level controller are integrated into the panel unit
  • Noiseless operation
  • Clean and safe operation
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Hi-Therm’s Electric Steam Boilers working at three training centers of Forbes Marshall Ltd. across India

Model Specification :

Boiler Series Electric Heater in kW Steam capacity in Kg/hr at 5 bar pressure Hot water capacity in LPH at 50° C
ES-6 6 10 200
ES-9 9 14 300
ES-12 12 19 400
ES-15 15 24 500
ES-18 18 29 600
ES-21 21 33 700
ES-24 24 38 800
ES-27 27 43 900
ES-30 30 48 1000
ES-36 36 57 1200
ES-42 42 67 1400
ES-48 48 76 1600
For higher capacity requirement, Contact us to enquire
Higher capacity models are also offered in Electrode Steam Boiler design
* Models ES-6 and ES-12 available in Single Phase power supply also. Rest of the models in 3 phase power supply.
# Initial temperature of water is considered 25° C

Application :

Agro Industry Chemical / Petrochemical Industry Food and Beverages Industry
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Textile Industry Concrete Block Curing
Dairy Industry Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry Battery Manufacturing
Coir Manufacturing Electric Cable Manufacturing Hotels and Hospitals
Leather Industry Paper / Plywood / Thermocol Manufacturing Research and Development
Metal pretreatment process Tea / Tobacco / Wood / Silk / Wool processing Various Training Institutes and Labs
Electric Steam Boiler Hitherm Steam Effect

Steam is used for a wide range of applications