Manufacturer Of Hot Air Generators

Hot Air Generators are used in various Industrial Processes for the purpose of Heating and Drying (Moisture Removal) of the material being processed. They are designed as per the Heat Output required for the process and the desired Temperature that is necessary to ensure that the material is moisture free.

The Hot Air Generators are designed for easy and safe operation. By mere turn of switch the unit can be put into operation. Any malfunction is easily and immediately detected and an audio visual alarm system gives a clear cut idea of the fault to the operator for quick rectification. The system is offered as a package comprising of the main chamber along with the burner, the dilution blower, and the control panel. Thus the commissioning time at site is limited to the fuel, electrical and outlet connection.

These units are designed in either Direct design or Indirect design, as per the requirement of the client. In the Direct type, the Hot Air at the output is in direct contact with the combustion fumes of the burner. Whereas in the Indirect type, the Hot Air at the output is clean air which is not in direct contact with the burner combustion fumes. Depending on your needs, the Hot Air Generator can be fired using Oil fired, Gas fired or Dual Fuel fired Burners. These units are available in the range of 50,000 Kcal/hr upto 40 Lacs Kcal/hr capacities.

Salient Features Of Hot Air Generators:

  • Type – Direct and Indirect Design
  • Fuel Option- Oil/ Gas / Dual Fuel Burner
  • Fully Automatic – Simple And Safe operation.
  • Type Of Burner- On/Off. High/Low and Stepless Modulation through PID Control.
  • Packaged And Compact Model
  • Robust Construction and Easy Maintenance.
gas fired Hot Air Generator

Hi-Therm Indirect type Gas fired Hot Air Generator (8 Lacs Kcal/hr) recently exported to U.A.E.

hot air generator manufacturer

Hi-Therm Direct type Dual Fuel fired Hot Air Generator (8 Lacs Kcal/hr)