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Salient Feature:

•  Outside the purview of the Indian Boiler Regulations Act.
•  No Inspection and Annual shut-downs.
•  Rapid response to steaming. Full steam in 2 minutes.
•  Fully Automatic Packaged Electrode Boiler
•  Labour-Saving and economical as no trained boiler attendant is required.
•  No Boiler House, chimney or Fuel Store required, clean and compact.
•  More convenient than coal/oil-fired boilers.
•  No Fire Risks.
•  Absolute Safety from Explosion, as there are no flames or fumes.
•  Boiler can go alongside the plant using steam.
•  Occupies minimum floor space. No smoke, Ash or Dirt.


Hi-Therm Boilers is a manufacturer of fully automatic electrode steam boiler which is a steam packaged unit, comprising boiler, feed-pump and the controls together with feed-tank, all housed on a heavy MS Platform. The finish is Elegant.
Electrode Boilers have a special, easy-to-install design and can therefore, be conveniently accommodated on roofs of buildings, in basements, under stairways and in many other places which would otherwise remain vacant. With this electrode steam boiler there is also a great saving in the installation work at site, because all that is required is the connection to the electric supply and the equipment using steam, to the water supply and drain. Further there is no smoke, fume or smell. Also because of its absolute cleanliness, the boiler can be placed adjacent to the equipment using the steam.
Electrode Steam Boilers are basically Industrial Electric Boilers due to their common use in Industries.
Electrode Steam Boiler has an excellent system of automatic controls and is very simple to operate, extremely efficient and economical. It is completely fire-proof and is absolutely safe even when it runs without water, as no electric current can pass in dry condition.

Operating Principles:

An Electrode Boiler differs in principle from any other method of heating water or producing steam. The passage of electricity through any resistor causes a rise in the temperature within the material. The same principle is applied in the electrode steam boiler. The passage of electricity through water causes a rise in the temperature of water. Thus in the electrode steam boiler, heat is generated within the water itself and is not transmitted to it from some other source of heat at a higher temperature. Besides the heat generated is exactly equivalent to the electricity expanded and hence there cannot be any loss of energy in this conversion.
Note :
  Use only Soft Water. Use of hard water results in deposition of scale on the surface of the electrodes which will increase consumption of electricity.
  Use only AC Supplies. Use of DC Supplies will result in hydrogen and oxygen being liberated owing to electrolysis. A.C. supply at 10 cycles per second and above does not causes electrolysis.
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Technical Data

Standard Working Pressure  100 PSI (Higher Working Pressures also available)
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